Oh hey! I’m Mel, your new marketing hype girl.

Oh hey! I’m a snarky creative that loves to lift people up and if I’m lucky, make them chuckle in the process. I started this designery in 2012, and ran things as a side gig (before it was the cool thing to do) while I worked as a designer at an agency and then a Fortune 500 corporation. In 2016, I went full-time Cuttlefish.

I realized I’ll just never be happy unless I’m following my own gut. So on top of doing that, my mission is to help my fellow gut chasers with branding and websites unique to their personalities.

I believe content creation comes with great responsibility

That's why I adhere to the following principles:


I don’t want to trick, manipulate or buy your audience – I just want to show off your unique personality and make it a hell of a lot easier for them to find you.


These days, people want more than a good product or service – they want to feel a connection. I want you to show your authentic self. This will attract people who genuinely love what you have to offer.


I think the best way to get results is to take a risk. I approach each project with an open mind and love working with people who enjoy pushing the limit on what has already been done.


I design and structure everything I do with the intention to make inclusive creative that positively and realistically includes people of all colors and beliefs. I stand against systemic racism, acknowledge my white privilege, and will not be a part of any project that does not make inclusion a priority.


Just as we build our physical world to accommodate people of different ability levels, our digital world needs to be fully accessible. I take this issue seriously and am continuing my education specifically in this area so that I can make sure the websites I am creating can be easily viewed and used by all.


I just cannot bring myself to get too serious at any given time. People like to laugh. I think it helps them remember your brand more. And if not? Hey, at least you made someone’s day brighter for a second.